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At its evolution into progessive metal EC led the New Generation Thrash movement.  EC's masterfully written artistic infusion is a clever avant-garde blend of metal genres, neo-classical runs, samba and jazz from the 1930's.


ELCTRIKCHAIR was an idea born in the mysterious shadows of Colorado's snow-capped mountain peaks in 2001.  In 2002, EC made the transformation from idea to reality, EC band rehearsals began in earnest in the hallway of a two story middle-class suburban home in Aurora, Colorado.  Aurora is a southeastern suburb of Denver.  EC performed live for the first time at a small punk club in Ft. Collins, Colorado in 2003.  The band was comprised of a punk drummer, a thrash guitarist and a metal lead guitarist.


Since then, EC has become a national and international progressive metal music phenomenon.  EC is one of very few, genuinely independent, metal bands in the United States with a tour history exceeding a decade.


EC's uniquely sophisticated music style incorporates influences from every metal genre and blends traditional sounds with jazz renditions to capture contemporary originality and honor metal tradition.  EC lyrics are metaphoric story telling about the mysterious side of the human condition and outer space.


Throughout its successful ten year history, Elctrikchair has been a collaborative  music project that has enjoyed significant contribution from outstanding musical talents, primarily, bass players.  During its tenure, EC has included the temporary addition of vocalists, guitarists and keyboardists.  Talent additions to EC have been based upon project specific compositions or albums.  EC band members include original band members and contributing band members.  Bassist, Abe Peralta is a contributing EC band member.  Andrew J.  Rodriguez, the band's lead guitarist and vocalist and Robert F. Rodriguez, percussionist and support vocalist, are EC's original band members and co-founders.


























Former Lee's Summit, Missouri bassist, Charlie Long, left an enduring mark on EC's music before leaving to pursue other professional interests.  Charlie earned the respect of his EC band mates for his commitment to selfless musicianship.  His extraordinary talent is sorely missed.  But EC's metal music is better for having crossed paths with an exceptional artist and performer like Charlie Long.  EC extends its deepest gratitude to their friend and his family and wishes Charlie success in all his future endeavors.




Prior to naming the band, Andrew and Robert met with their family.  Robert was a minor and nothing would get off the ground without getting everyone involved.  When the idea of forming a metal band was discussed it immediately raised serious concerns.  Elctrikchair was chosen as a band name because it left room for growth, finding a niche and creating a trademark sound.  The spelling of Elctrikchair some refer to as, the misspelling of; electric chair, was adopted to distinguish EC, the metal band, from the plethora of electric chair bands in existence.  The name, Elctrikchair, is also a salute to the Colorado Punk scene that first invited EC to perform and to the band's original punk drummer, Bob Rodriguez.


After enduring years of personal attacks from jealous onlookers, Bob shrugged off his detractors to make a successful transition to metal.  Bob is now regarded by music professionals as a  predominant university jazz set drummer and a prime candidate to become an exceptional music teacher. Among Bob's supporting critics are notable professors from the nation's best music institutions including:  Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, The Julliard School in New York City, New York,  Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts and many other prestigious colleges and universities.  The most exciting aspect of EC's future is that Bob's music and teaching aspirations are still in their infancy.




Andrew taught his family about metal music and the various metal scenes, Hardcore, Straight Edge-Hardcore, Death Metal, Black Metal and  Punk.  His lessons included years of participation and interaction with metal fans, promoters and metal artists from the latest to the legendary.




No metal band can exist without an edge and Bob's age made overcoming his youthful handicap a priority.  Their family often expressed a promise; to support individual interests unconditionally, as long as the pursuit was legal and remunerative.  The prospect of supporting a newly formed metal band raised two serious questions.  First, how the Rodriguez' would honor their promise to Andrew and Bob and second, how family would advise the band's founders, one of whom was premature for the idea and the other who many viewed as the classic rebellious teen.




A steady stream of less than polished drummer prospects coming through the Rodriguez' home left Andrew frustrated and without percussion for his EC music project.  Someone suggested that Andrew recruit Bob to drum for EC.  Immediately, a second stream of drum prospects continued, more disappointment ensued.  Andrew was vehemently opposed to the idea of putting Bob, who many saw as Andrew's 'little brother' in his band.  He left home to escape and to explore the prospect of going to college.  When he returned he was stunned to hear the unmistakable thunder of perfectly synchronized blast beats emanating from the basement.  Thereafter, he recruited Bob to drum for EC on a trial basis on the condition that he could release him if it didn't work out.  The rest is music history.  The seven year age difference between Andrew and Bob was more of perception problem among metal fans, peers and friends than it ever was a problem between them.




Andrew remained committed to the metal band idea and willing to consult adults in his family.  Those meetings resulted in launching EC, and one of the youngest drummers to ever play metal.  The band would be self-managed.  EC's edgy image was derived from 'controversial political lyrics' and Andrew and Robert would harness negative political passions that are indicative of the metal music scene.  A political theme was adopted that was intended to insulate Andrew and Robert from anticipated political criticism, it wasn't entirely successful.  They were relegated to writing, composing and performing music.  Political science issues were left to a family member that understood politics well enough to raise eyebrows around sensitive topics.  Controversial promotional political satire and shocking rants captured global interest.  EC had gone full circle and arrived as a legitimate political metal band.  The political strategy played out to perfection.


Historic events like the near  U.S. economic collapse, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, wide-spread corporate corruption that included the fleecing of America's Native American casinos and the global war on terror heightened interest in EC's political shrapnel.  The initial idea, to cause outsiders to blame adults in their family for any political rants, lyrics or statements worked like a charm.  According to one family member, at times it worked too well.  Regardless, it gave EC the dark edge they needed to overcome their youthfulness and  be accepted by metal fans and other U.S. touring metal bands.  Upon returning home from the national music tour circuit, those EC expected to be most accommodating were nearly always the least welcoming and those EC expected to reject their stories were consistently the most eager to listen and learn.




EC shows no signs of slowing down, every indication is that Elctrikchair is prepared to move into a second decade of metal music that will be inspired by past successes, metal influences, a re-invigoration of energy and enthusiasm for doing it live.  Andrew and Robert have utilized their last ten year run to prepare themselves for a second unrestrained decade of Elctrikchair  metal.


Extensive U.S. and Vancouver BC tour experience combined with a promising pool of refined and talented musicians leaves EC's founders with an exciting formula for delivering beyond their loyal fan's wildest expectations.  Elctrikchair takes on new meaning in the next decade.  Anticipation for what EC will bring forward is building.  The three piece metal phenomenon is set to unleash   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on metal fans in the next decade.


While the political era of EC will always be endeared for its originality, the youth of Elctrikchair have matured physically and musically.  Precise refinement of EC's trademark metal sound now provides a sharp edge that eliminates any promotional void left by yesterday's political rants.  ELCTRIKCHAIR is comprised of a talented core of poised, composed and bright artist musicians.  EC is optimistic about the future of live music and the metal genre, sounds that reveal the persistent darkness of mankind and the mysterious darkness that devours planets and mass.


ELCTRIKCHAIR is legendary story telling through contemporary folklore, song and music.   Carefully composed energy driven lyrics, constructed to re-define heavy metal and extreme but well-crafted vocals combine with masterfully written artistic melodies to captivate audiences and re-energize metal.






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