A  EC HISTORY 2013 Elctrikchair celebrates a decade of progressive sounds by introducing fans to alchemistic ambience.  Fans can anticipate EC taking their musicianship to a new level.  Collaborating and contributing EC band members are university graduates, students working toward degrees in music or other trades and professions and musician, artist entertainers that have demonstrated a sincere desire to ameliorate.  Nothing is more vast than the dark and mysterious space between the planets, the galaxies, the matter devouring black holes and the unknown.  Enjoy the  ride as EC opens its latest musical frontier with sounds so different, intriguing, compelling and awe inspiring that it may be emblematic of the birth of time and the ultimate destiny of mankind.  Perhaps the only existing realm where every question man has ever asked can be answered. 2012 After more than a year of hard work, EC releases its first-ever professional music video, the EC video feature is debuted online. Tired of witnessing world-class music talent fall victim to temptations of stardom like drugs or crime that often result in premature death, Elctrikchair uses this video to warn young, attractive, talented and unsuspecting women that 'business' is a harsh (real) disconnect between a  talent's anticipated expectations of genuine human compassion and the opportunity for unmitigated, undeserved and tainted profits, at her expense.  Another first for EC this year is it's evolution beyond its original political format to a broader perspective that will enable  wider audiences to enjoy its music.  This is truly an exciting time for EC and its many fans. EC continues to grow.  At EC's inception, band members were minors.  It was essential that parents were involved in day to day management.  Music venues required parental participation. EC founders, Andrew and Robert Rodriguez have elected to permit its new operations staffing format to take the helm by handling all distribution, sales and marketing in-house through its original professional management team, Dust2Dust Music Network.   EC MET THE CHALLENGE Over the years, EC has come to appreciate and recognize the myriad of reasons having family management was the best decision they ever made.  As EC continues evolving with the ever changing entertainment industry; it's taken notice that countless mainstream artists and bands are managed by family and more of them, whose family's possess the necessary music industry knowledge and skills, are successful moving that direction.  Following the recent near economic collapse, in the U.S. and globally, it's become obvious to everyone, including fans; why artists/bands are among businesses seeking trustworthy management. 2011 EC commits to serious studio time concentrating on writing and rehearsing new material.  Both Andrew and Bobby Rodriguez are full time students at major universities in the mid-west.  The experience gained on the road touring over the years and the formal education acquired has led EC to consider the business side of their music careers.  Andrew is now at the helm of his full service recording studio and Bobby manages his drum/percussion studio and provides video editing services.  Fans can look forward to the next phase of EC's evolution, it's refreshingly original and promises to delight its audience like never before. ELCTRIKCHAIR moved beyond traditional 'old school-new generation 'thrash sounds and evolved into a modern progressive metal phenomenon. EC harvested the best of metal's storied history.  EC's sophisticated song structure is built upon, metal, R &B, Latin, swing, blues, jazz, rock, African, world percussion, harp, piano/keyboards, mallets and funk beats with interesting old school punkish rants and conventional clean style singing that combines with metal grunt style vocals.  The instrumentals are exceptionally refined with unique American ingenuity and European influences. 2010 EC tours throughout the Southwestern and the Western U.S.  EC's new album, XENOPHOBIA is available to fans around the world.  U.S. fans can add the latest EC album to their collection by purchasing XENOPHOBIA at:  FYE, Relapse Records, Best Buy, Wal-mart, Hot Topic, Angelo's, Independent Records and nearly every notable music outlet in the U.S. 2009 EC releases their full length album, Xenophobia and continues to perform in Kansas and throughout the mid-west. Since performing for the first time at a tiny northern Colorado punk venue, ELCTRIKCHAIR has achieved every goal in local scenes, toured throughout the United States earning fans and respect along the way, graced the international stage, had its music heard and appreciated in many foreign countries and continues to flirt with global recognition. All of this in the span of eight short years. While ELCTRIKCHAIR continues to outlast its naysayers, the band's journey can only be evaluated for the extent of its contribution, the duration of its ambition and the persistence of its innovation. EC continues its progressive metal evolution.  Insisting that its core support group remain at the helm of all band decisions.   EC's  professional agent/manager is Dust2Dust Music Network. 2008 EC is based in the mid-west while Andrew and Bob pursue academic interests at two mid-western universities.  EC's permanent location is Denver, Colorado.  EC enters the studio to begin recording Xenophobia.  EC plays the Indianapolis Metal Fest. 2007 EC toured and performed throughout the west coast and played Milwaukee Metal Fest IX. 2006 Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, EC tours and performs throughout the Northwestern U.S. and plays its first ever international show at Piccadilly Pub in Vancouver B.C. (Canada)  EC tours throughout the mid-west and east coast including a feature performance at the original CBGB Punk Club in Manhattan, N.Y.  EC was one of the last bands to perform at the legendary club before it closed its doors forever. 2005 EC returns to Colorado Springs, Colorado and performs live locally throughout Colorado then moves into the national tour circuit traveling and performing in the southwest and west coast U.S. 2004 EC relocates to Lincoln, NE.  The band is accepted on and performs at the famed Milwaukee Metal Fest VIII with Death Angel and The Misfits.  EC is stunned by fan reaction following their performance when they are swarmed for autographs and excited metal fans. 2003 ELCTRIKCHAIR is formed as a practical entertainment vehicle utilizing music to bridge obvious gaps between cultures and people, while exposing an often ugly reality. Two brothers, Andrew and Bobby Rodriguez, formed EC while living with their family in Aurora, Colorado.  Andrew was eighteen years old, Bobby was eleven. When 'electric chair' was initially suggested as a band name, the idea was nearly dismissed for its lack of originality and the likelihood that the name 'electric chair' was already being used by countless bands throughout the United States. All of those reservations about the name ELCTRIKCHAIR were dismissed when its spelling was revealed for the first time. Spelling of the band's name is a tribute to punkers and punk bands that performed with EC at the outset, the intentional spelling is meant to raise the eye brows of an academic society who often is more concerned about appearance than substance.   Funny, its never bothered us. The metal band, ELCTRIKCHAIR, [electric chair] was founded in 2003 but existed as an unnamed punk band since 2001.  EC was founded by siblings Andrew and Bob Rodriguez.  The name ELCTRIKCHAIR was never intended to be identified with 'electric chair' the former method of capital punishment, although the band has used the confusion to further its purpose. AT THE BAND'S INCEPTION FANS AND OTHERS CONSISTENTLY HAD TROUBLE PRONOUNCING THE BAND NAME.  THE SCRIPT BELOW APPEARED ON EC MERCHANDISE AS A SUBTLE REMINDER TO FANS THAT 'ELCTRIKCHAIR' IS PRONOUNCED:  'ELECTRIC CHAIR.'  THIS DECISION LIKELY LED TO THE CONNECTION OF THE METAL BAND 'ELCTRIKCHAIR' TO THE INFAMOUS CHAIR USED FOR CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN THE U.S. AND REFERRED TO AS 'OLD SPARKY' IN TEXAS.  THE ONLY REAL INTENDED PURPOSE OF THE BAND NAME WAS TO LEAVE ALL OPTIONS OPEN IN THE EVENT THAT EC WOULD CHANGE ITS SOUND OVER TIME.

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